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Ourlink.co.uk is part of Theatre & Central Publicity, an advertising company specialising in poster advertising in NHS Hospitals and Theatres and advertising on NHS Hospital appointment cards. Theatre & Central supply c.1,000,000 appointment cards annually to NHS Hospitals free of charge.

Another part of Theatre & Central is the Showvan operation, this is a direct marketing operation utilising small exhibition trailers which are sited in Luton, Stevenage and used in other towns locally. The Showvan's client base has companies past and present such as Virgin Media, NPower, Love Film, EDF Energy, SKY TV, Universities of Bedfordshire and many more.

Moving with the times we have now set up OurLink.co.uk to promote websites, so much business is done via the internet these days website promotion is an important business consideration. The internet is of course the biggest shop window in the world and every business should be there.


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