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The site that links people to YOUR website.

A question often asked is "how do we promote our website?". Most companies have their website address printed on their business stationery such as letterheads, business cards, leaflets etc. Some have adverts in local papers, but, the cost is high and what you get is minimal. Advertising in the press is usually only for one day, limited distribution, local viewers only and it's expensive.

If you want to get to a larger audience then advertising in the press becomes very expensive and again it's only for one day. Your press advertisement then has to be seen, how many people read through every part of the paper? Most just read the main stories and only read the advertisemnets if they are look for something particular.

Come onto the OURLINK.co.uk website and promote your website with us, surfers will be able to find your website by selecting the town you are in and then the company they are searching for.

A "Click" on your advert takes them to your own website! Click on this advert to see the "Link". Click to go to Theatre & Central
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