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The site that links customers to YOUR website.

Promote your business and website with us on OURLINK.co.uk.

How does it work? You send us your advertisement, we place your advert on OURLINK.co.uk, we turn your advert into a hyperlink, browsers click on your advert and go directlty to your own website. As we say..."your advert > click > your website", simple but effective.

You don't have to have an elaborate advertsiement as your company logo with perhaps your business name is quite sufficient as your advert is a link to your own website.

We have a range of businesses advertising: Solicitors, Nursery School, Care Homes, Opticians, Taxis, Development Companies, Chiropractor, Beauty Salon, Hair Salon, Restaurants, Jewellers and more...

Come and join us....

The cost is very reasonable at just £30 +VAT for 12 months advertising and website linking with us on OURLINK.co.uk.


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